Kubi Telepresence Robot Tablet Mount for Seniors


grandPad, the leading tablet solution designed to improve the lives of millions of seniors by reconnecting them with their families, friends, and caregivers, today announced an easy to use telepresence device with Revolve Robotics, maker of Kubi. The Kubi Telepresence charging stand for grandPad lets remote family members connect from their phones, tablets or computers on live, 2-way video calls with seniors with the ability to look around by panning and tilting the grandPad on Kubi. And, to make it easy for the seniors, the new grandPad mount for Kubi by Revolve Robotics now offers simple wireless inductive charging.

grandPad lets family members connect with seniors using an intuitive mobile app. For the seniors, grandPad offers a complete set of tools to let them communicate through a tablet.

Kubi improves the grandPad experience by introducing a robotic platform or cradle on which the grandPad tablet sits. The resulting telepresence robot is then “driven” by remote video callers. Kubi thus turns passive video conferencing callers into active participants who can look around.

Kubi compliments our mission for grandPad to make it easy and effortless for the seniors and their families to connect. Kubi allows the seniors to have hands-free video calls with their loved ones. This means easier access for our grandPad users,” says Scott Lien, CEO of grandPad. “And, with the integrated charging mount, seniors’ grandPads will always be available to connect with their families, friends, and caregivers.”

grandPad on Kubi was tested with select group of users in Southern California and the Midwest, and the teams iterated on designs to overcome issues seniors with dexterity issues might have with the device. Now, they find not only communication by video call to be easy, but it’s also easier to ensure the tablet is charged and it’s easier for families to look around using Kubi.

“Seniors crave social connections with their loved ones and grandPad is the perfect solution to break down the barriers of distance and easily connect older people with distant kids, grandkids and relatives,” says Marcus Rosenthal, CEO of Revolve Robotics. ”And by simply placing their grandPads on the new Kubi Telepresence charging mount, this means communicating is hands free for the seniors and their loved ones can look around and interact.”

Aging2.0 is excited to see the formation of this partnership between two of our ‘Pitch-for-Pilot’ and Aging2.0 Alliance portfolio companies,” added Scott Peifer, Vice President of Alliance Development at Aging2.0, a global innovation accelerator for aging and senior care. “The pairing of the two technologies makes an already compelling socialization and connection platform even more user- and family-friendly.”

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